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Most Americans Will Struggle to Pronounce These 50 Town Names

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6. Basye, Virginia
> Total characters: 5
> Total vowels: 3
> Population: 834

This town is named after Edmond Basye, an early settler. It is pronounced “BAS-see,” with the accent on the first syllable. It was originally pronounced “bas-SAY,” with the accent on the second syllable.

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7. Bayou Gauche, Louisiana
> Total characters: 11
> Total vowels: 7
> Population: 2,557

Bayou Gauche is one of the most remote towns in Louisiana, surrounded by water. A bayou is a marshy lake or wetland, and gauche means left in French — meaning the town is on the left side of boats travelling downstream. It is pronounced “bi-YOU” or “bi-OH gosh.”

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8. Beaulieu, Minnesota
> Total characters: 8
> Total vowels: 6
> Population: 37

Beaulieu is named after brothers Henry and John Beaulieu, who served in the Civil War and later settled there. It is pronounced “bohl-yuu.” The English pronounce this “BEW-lee”.

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9. Bucyrus, Ohio
> Total characters: 7
> Total vowels: 3
> Population: 11,950

Bucyrus was founded by Col. James Kilbourne in 1821. He may have come up with the name by combining “beautiful” and Cyrus, the Persian ruler, or he may have named the town after the ancient Egyptian city of Busiris. Whatever the case, it’s pronounced “bew-sy-rus.”

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10. Cayuga, Indiana
> Total characters: 6
> Total vowels: 4
> Population: 1,179

Cayuga is pronounced “kye-OO-gah.” It’s named after the Native American tribe that lived in New York State and was forced to migrate westward and northwest.