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The Strangest Food From Every State

Source: JerryLs / Getty Images

> Weird food: Banana and mayonnaise sandwich

NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr., who calls this sandwich his favorite use for mayo, may have been born in North Carolina, but the sandwich is identified primarily with Alabama. The banana does its best, but the mayo dominates.

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Source: lolostock / Getty Images

> Weird food: Stinkheads

The name says it all: These are salmon heads buried for weeks until they ferment and, well, stink. They’re considered a delicacy by the indigenous Yupik people but are most likely an acquired taste (and aroma) for the rest of us.

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Source: Courtesy of Arizona Diamondbacks / Facebook

> Weird food: Diamondbacks’ Cheeseburger Dog

Arizona is known for its over-the-top Sonoran hot dogs, wieners topped with pinto beans, onions, tomatoes, and numerous other condiments. The Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team has gone the Sonoran one better. Their cheeseburger dog is a sausage-shaped “dog” formed out of char-grilled burgers, then deep fried and served with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a “secret sauce.” It’s available only at the team’s home stadium, Chase Field in Phoenix.

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Source: Szakaly / Getty Images

> Weird food: Pork brains and eggs

When they’re scrambled, pork brains take on a similar consistency to eggs, so the combination makes sense. The brains are surprisingly mild, if the idea of eating zombie-style doesn’t bother you. Grits are the perfect accompaniment.

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Source: Courtesy of Bugitos / donbugito.com

> Weird food: Coconut toffee brittle Bugitos

As its name suggests, San Francisco’s pickup-only restaurant Don Bugito specializes in insects and related creatures. The Bugitos are toasted mealworms glazed with melted sugar and topped with organic coconut.

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