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The Strangest Food From Every State

Source: Trudee H / Yelp

> Weird food: Smoked rattlesnake

Look for this appetizer of chopped-up smoked rattler on a cream cheese base, served with multi-color tortilla chips, at Denver’s Buckhorn Exchange restaurant.

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Source: Courtesy of Bobby S / Yelp

> Weird food: Steamed cheeseburger

A specialty of Ted’s in Meriden but found elsewhere in the area, too, this is a burger that’s topped with cheese and steamed on a tray in a custom steamer. The burger, not surprisingly, is very moist, and the cheese drips down and encloses it.

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Source: MychkoAlezander / Getty Images

> Weird food: Slippery dumplings

These are large, very thin, strangely textured rectangles of dough that slip and slide until they’re anchored in a dish of chicken with mashed potatoes.

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Source: Courtesy of Stan P / Yelp

> Weird food: Peanut butter and jelly burger

The version of this burger at Brgr Stop in Coconut Grove cheats a little: the “jelly” is tomato jam. Other Floridian restaurants use actual jelly. Cheddar and bacon too, because Florida. (The version at Disneyworld’s ESPN Club adds jalapeños.)

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Source: eliber / Getty Images

> Weird food: Peanuts in Coke

Pop the cap off a bottle of Coke, pour in some shelled salted peanuts, let it fizz up a little, then drink it (and them) down. People perform this ritual in other parts of the South, but it seems definitively Georgian given that peanuts are such an important crop there and that Coke is headquartered in Atlanta.

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