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The Strangest Food From Every State

Source: Courtesy of Evelyns Drive In / Facebook

> Weird food: Chow mein sandwich

Available at Chinese-American restaurants throughout southeastern Massachusetts, this is just what it sounds like: a heap of chow mein on a hamburger bun. Order it “strained” (the noodles with just meat) or “unstrained” (with meat and vegetables)

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Source: Courtesy of Ford Field / Twitter

> Weird food: Dessert nachos

At the Detroit Lions’ Ford Field in Detroit, fans can sample this curious mashup — tortilla chips topped not with melted cheese and salsa but with cinnamon, sugar, smoked-chocolate-cherry Nutella sauce, chocolate-covered cherries, sprinkles, and whipped cream.

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Source: bhofack2 / Getty Images

> Weird food: Tater tot hotdish

The hotdish is a staple all over the Midwest. It’s a main course casserole, sometimes called Minnesota’s unofficial state dish, involving some combination of starch, protein, and vegetable. Typical ingredients might be ground beef, canned vegetables of various kinds, and cream of mushroom soup stirred together, then topped with chow mein noodles, potato chips, or — classically — tater tots, then baked.

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> Weird food: Pea salad

Peas (almost always frozen) dressed with mayonnaise and mixed with diced onions and maybe some cheese are all that’s needed for this popular picnic dish.

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Source: Adam Michalski / Wikimedia Commons

> Weird food: St. Paul sandwich

This curious concoction is a relative of the chow mein sandwich popular in parts of Massachusetts, except that this is made with an egg foo young patty on white bread, with such condiments as dill pickles slices, mayonnaise, and lettuce and tomato. It has no connection with the Minnesota metropolis of the same name.

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