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29 Foods You Should Never Order for Delivery

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Not only is fish from sushi delivery joints often mislabeled — so your tuna may actually be swordfish that’s high in mercury — it’s also a health risk if it’s been at room temperature for too long. Do yourself a favor and only order sushi if you’re dining in at a restaurant with ethical, transparent sourcing.

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Eggs from fast food and delivery joints are often poured from a carton of liquid that contains multiple additives and stabilizers. Even if the eggs are real, it’s likely they are microwaved rather than fried or poached.

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Meatball Subs

There’s just no way to keep these saucy sandwiches from getting soggy.

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The best part of eating steak is taking that first hot bite, with crispy edges and fat that melts in your mouth. There’s no way to experience that if you order steak for delivery. The meat will likely be lukewarm and chewy, and the fat congealed.

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Tuna salad sandwiches

Not only can tuna salad go bad quickly if not kept refrigerated, it’s also not the most popular menu item, so a tub of tuna salad may sit around for days or even weeks before a new batch is made.