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29 Foods You Should Never Order for Delivery

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Nachos or crunchy tacos

Unless you order them disassembled with chips or shells on the side, these are guaranteed to be a soggy mess.

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Because the quality of most delivery joints’ meat may be questionable at best, you never want to order a medium-rare burger for delivery. The alternative is a fully cooked patty that will likely be cold with congealed cheese on top by the time it hits your doorstep.

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There’s a reason ice cream shops don’t deliver. Not only do smoothies melt quickly, they’re not the healthy option they’re touted to be. Smoothies are often loaded with added sugar and dairy.

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French Fries

In addition to cold french fries being dry and unappetizing, the low quality oils that most delivery joints use in their fryers can leave you feeling sluggish and clog your pores.

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Rice Noodles

Rice noodles tend to get rock hard once they’re cool, or soak up all the liquid if they’re in soup or sauce. Either way, it’s best to eat these fresh.