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29 Foods You Should Never Order for Delivery

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Well-done steak

A steak well done is the perfect opportunity for the cook to use up the oldest piece of beef in the fridge, cooking it to a crisp to disguise the smell.

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Antipasto salad

Italian dressing can be a clever mask for lunch meat and old cheese that have gone off but the establishment still wants to try and sell.

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Anything with avocados

Everyone’s favorite toast topper oxidizes so quickly it’s likely to be brown by the time you receive it.

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Ice machines are often full of mold unless they are cleaned regularly, and many restaurant employees admit that the machines are rarely cleaned.

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Veggie burgers

If you’re vegetarian, it may be exciting to see that veggie burgers are becoming more widely available at fast food establishments. What you may not have considered is that they will be taken from the freezer, microwaved, then finished on the same grill that’s used for meat.