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29 Foods You Should Never Order for Delivery

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Unless it’s from a place that specializes in hummus, this high-protein bean spread is likely to be days old and possibly full of bacteria.

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Deli meat sandwiches

A staple of delivery orders, deli meat sandwiches carry a high risk of food poisoning from various bacteria including listeria, which can infect meat in the processing plant, even when it’s kept refrigerated.

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Fresh fruit salad

Fresh fruit salad may seem like a safe, healthy option when ordering delivery. Certain fruits, however, tend to carry bacteria, including listeria, that is hard to remove unless thoroughly washed. The fruit is then cut by hand and stored for multiple days without being cooked, increasing the risk of contamination.

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Unless rice is served immediately after cooking, it may cause food poisoning. Bacillus cereus spores, which are carried on dried rice straight from the field, can survive the heat of cooking. They’re not a problem if the rice is eaten right away, but if the cooked rice starts to cool and sits in a warming pot all day, the bacteria proliferate and can cause illness.