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35 of the Strangest World Records Ever Set

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Most body piercings

The record for the most body piercings has been unbroken since 2000, perhaps because few people desire to adorne themselves in the same manner as Elaine Davidson, a Brazilian-born woman who resides in the UK. Guinness officials recorded a record 462 piercings on Davidson’s body, including 192 piercings on her head and 214 piercings in her pubic area. Davidson beats Rolf Buchholz of Dortmund, Germany, who holds the record for the most-pierced man, with 453 piercings, including 153 piercings around his lips and 278 piercings in his pubic area.

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Biggest skinny dipping gathering

Big gatherings of people doing the same activity is a common accomplishment in the Guinness world record inventory. This list alone includes three such records, including the largest skinny dip, achieved by 2,505 women who stripped off their clothes and dove into the North Atlantic waters in Wicklow, Ireland. Like other Guinness records, the feat had an awareness-raising element to it; the event was organized to raise funds for children with cancer.

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Largest balloon sculpture by an individual

Clown-made balloon animals are a common feature at children-oriented events, but David Baker of Cincinnati, Ohio, saw a bigger purpose. In 2015, Baker utilized nearly 4,000 gray, brown, beige and black elongated party balloons to create a giant bat measuring nearly 72 feet wide and nearly 37 feet tall. The largest balloon sculpture made by an individual was displayed at a local mall as a Halloween decoration.

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Largest rolling luggage bag

Because of the attention they receive, Guinness records are often attempted or broken as an act of self-promotion or part of a publicity campaign for communities, nonprofit organizations or companies. But a record is a record, regardless of the motives. In 2006, a Shanghai-based luggage manufacturer produced the world’s largest piece of rolling luggage that could easily accommodate an adult human being, measuring 5 feet, 9 inches in height; 3 feet, 9.3 inches in width; and 1 foot, 6.1 inches in depth. Try bringing that one as a carry-on.

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Most plastic surgeries

Some people go to plastic surgeons for a little nip and tuck; then there’s Ohio-born Cindy Jackson. The aesthetic surgery proponent is reported by Guinness as having had 47 cosmetic procedures between 1998 and 2005, for a total cost of just under $100,000. These operations included two eye lifts, liposuction, jawline surgery, cheek implants, chemical peels and semi-permanent makeup. In 2011 ABC News reported that the then 55-year-old had a total of 52 procedures, but Guinness currently maintains the lower number.