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35 of the Strangest World Records Ever Set

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Fastest rapper

The record for the fastest rapper goes to American MC Seandale Price, aka Rebel XD, who in 2007 rapped 852 syllables in 42 seconds, breaking his previous two records of 683 syllables in 54.5 seconds and 674 syllables in 54.9 seconds. Guinness reportedly used a computer to slow down video footage of the feat to confirm that he had indeed pronounced every syllable in every

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Largest bouncy castle

Inflatable play structures are popular at events for children, but none are as large and complex as the one constructed by Grahame Ferguson and Cammy Craig, proprietors of Lone Tree, Colorado-based The Big Bounce America. This touring inflatable amusement park measures 11,433 square feet and features a 900-foot obstacle course, basketball hoops, giant slide and a ball pit. Big Bounce includes adult-only packages for grown-ups seeking to indulge their inner child.

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Largest rubber band ball

There are rubber band balls, and then there are serious rubber band balls. Joel Waul’s 9,032 rubber band ball fits into the latter category. The Lauderhill, Florida, resident entered the Guinness Book of World Records in November 2008 after using 700,000 rubber bands of all sizes to build his 6 foot, 7-inch ball he names “Megatron.” Waul said he started making the ball in April 2004.

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Largest mosaic made from wine corks

Albanian artist Saimir Strati is known for his giant elaborate mosaics made from different materials, including coffee beans and paint brushes. Strati holds the world record for largest mosaic made from wine corks. In September 2014, Strati reclaimed his record-holding title with a 1,691-square-foot homage to the late Portuguese writer José Saramago just three months after a 1,666-square foot cork mosaic in France broke his previous record from 2008.

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Largest synchronized lottery-card scratching

Three of the items on this list are records of large gatherings of people doing the same thing, a common characteristic of Guinness records. Earlier this year, as part of a promotional campaign, the state lottery system of Idaho organized the largest group of people ever gathered to scratch off lottery card at the same time. Celebrating the organization’s 30th anniversary, Idaho Lottery lured 479 people to the scratch-off. It should come as no surprise that Idaho Lottery didn’t disclose winning statistics for those 479 scratchies.