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The Most Iconic Foods Every State Has Given the Rest of the US

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> Iconic food: Tater tots

Created as a way to utilize the waste scraps of potatoes at the Ore-Ida potato factory in the 1930s, Tater tots are now a ubiquitous snack for children and hipsters alike.

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> Iconic food: Stromboli

Created by Italian immigrant Nazzareno Romano in Philadelphia and named after a 1950 Ingrid Bergman film, stromboli is a baked roll of dough layered with lunch meats, cheese, and peppers.

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> Iconic food: Cheesesteak

Pat Olivieri, a hotdog vendor in 1930s Philadelphia, is credited with inventing the cheesesteak. Though many variations are available, the common Philly cheesesteak is thinly sliced beef covered in Cheez Whiz.

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Rhode Island
> Iconic food: Clams casino

An appetizer of clams topped with butter, bacon, peppers, and bread crumbs and broiled until browned, clams casino were likely invented in Rhode Island and are now a New England classic.

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South Carolina
> Iconic food: Shrimp and grits

What started as a breakfast staple for South Carolina sailors and fishermen in the early 20th century is now a hot menu item in Southern-style restaurants from Seattle to New York City.

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