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The Most Iconic Foods Every State Has Given the Rest of the US

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> Iconic food: Root beer float

Originally called a “black cow,” the root beer float was invented by bar owner Frank Wisner in Cripple Creek, Colorado, in 1893.

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> Iconic food: Lobster roll

The first documented lobster roll was sold in Milford at Perry’s Restaurant in 1929. Connecticut lobster rolls are traditionally served hot with melted butter.

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> Iconic food: Chicken and slippery dumplings

Sussex County has long been the seat of a thriving poultry industry — and chicken and slippery dumplings a Sussex specialty. Slippery dumplings are pieces of dough rolled flat and cut into large rectangles.

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> Iconic food: Key lime pie

The key lime, a smaller, seedier lime with more acidity and flavor than regular lime varieties, is grown in the Florida Keys and used to flavor the official pie of Florida.

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> Iconic food: Cuban sandwich

The Cuban sandwich, which features two types of pork with mustard, cheese, and pickles on Cuban bread, originated in the Cuban immigrant communities around Key West and Tampa in the mid-1800s.

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