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50 Things Only People Raised in a Latino Family Will Understand

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Is there a shaker of Goya Adobo seasoning on your kitchen counter? How about a butter container full of leftovers in the fridge? There are some things that only people raised in a Latino family will understand, and 24/7 Tempo compiled 50 of them.

Growing up Latino is a point of pride. From strong (and numerous) family ties, to being bilingual, to knowing how to dance and press tortillas with your eyes closed, if you grew up in a Latino household, you can definitely relate to some of these.

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1. Family members call you mean names because they love you.


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2. Your abuela thinks Vicks VapoRub cures literally everything.

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3. Dinner with extended family goes until 3 am and includes dancing.

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4. No home is complete without Jesus candles.


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5. It’s normal to have four middle names.

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6. There’s always a room full of nice furniture that you’re not allowed to sit on.


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7. You’re not sure how many cousins you actually have…could be 50, could be 100.

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8. You wish you could get paid for every time you had to translate a conversation between your Spanish-speaking abuelito and your English-speaking nephew.

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9. You’ve experienced extreme carpooling.


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10. Your abuela simultaneously force-feeds you and tells you you’re fat.

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11. If you lose weight, your abuela thinks you’re sick


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12. You absolutely must cheek kiss every person at the party.

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13. Everyone in the family goes by a silly nickname. Your cousins are Chichi, Lala, and Chango

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14. It’s a full time job translating Spanish radio hits for all your friends at school


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15. When you stay home sick, your mom makes you clean the house while she watches Telemundo.

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16. You’ve known how to salsa and bachata since you could walk.


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17. You’re scared to leave the house with wet hair because your mom convinced you that el aire would kill you.

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18. You learned about love from telenovelas and will forever have unrealistic expectations.

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19. Getting everyone into place for family photos requires extreme dedication.


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20. Your newborn cousin already has a gold necklace and pierced ears.

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21. Avoid the kitchen or you’ll be roped into menial labor.


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22. Your extended family will “stop by” for the entire weekend.

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23. There are always more children than you remember.

Source: Eneas De Troya / Flickr

24. You got a black eye from el bolo at your cousin’s baptism.


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25. There’s plastic over all the couches and the tablecloth.

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26. When your mom pulls off la chancleta, it’s time to run.


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27. You have to make the sign of the cross when you walk by a church.

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28. Your friends think you eat tacos every night.

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29. Your cousin’s quinceanera cost more than your first year of college.


Source: monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

30. You’re not sure who’s actually your blood relative because everyone is a tia, tio, or primo.

Source: Antonio_Diaz / Getty Images

31. Your tias never fail to ask when you’re going to get married and have kids.


Source: didecs / Getty Images

32. You let your mom straighten your hair with the clothes iron.

Source: Juanmonino / Getty Images

33. You have serious birthday trauma from everyone trying to shove your face into the cake.

Source: Kameleon007 / Getty Images

34. Why buy trash bags for the bathroom when you can reuse a grocery bag?


Source: diego_cervo / Getty Images

35. When your parents say you’re leaving the party, it means they’re going to take the next two hours to say goodbyes, and then you can leave.

Source: SDI Productions / Getty Images

36. People are constantly telling you to stop yelling, when you think you’re speaking normally.


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37. When it’s time to find a job, all your tias try to network for you.

Source: skynesher / Getty Images

38. There’s always that one tio who tries to force you to drink with him.

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39. Personal space does not exist at family gatherings.


Source: Wachira Wacharapathom / Getty Images

40. You never need to hire a mechanic, thanks to your dad’s connections.

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41. Even 12-year-olds can have red wine with dinner.


Source: Antwon McMullen / Getty Images

42. If a party starts at 6 o’clock, your family shows up at 9 o’clock.

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43. You’ve been asked multiple times if you “speak Mexican.”

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44. Christmas is a very big deal, and it’s celebrated at midnight on Christmas eve. Who waits until morning to open presents?


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45. You’re never old enough to disobey your parents — even if you’re 50.

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46. You’re constantly translating for your parents and their friends.


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47. You were never allowed to go to sleepovers.

Source: FangXiaNuo / Getty Images

48. It’s normal to water down dish soap to make it last longer

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49. Never trust that a cookie tin or butter container actually contains what it says.


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50. You get excited when you meet someone else who speaks Spanish.

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