Special Report

The Best Fall Foliage in Every State

What’s better than a pumpkin spice latte and unlikely to go out of fashion? Autumn foliage. Nearly every state goes through a dramatic, multicolored transformation as temperatures drop in the fall — and here are 34 fall weekend trips you should plan now.

24/7 Tempo dug up the best spots to view fall foliage in each state –with the exception of Hawaii, where there is no discernible autumn color change — and the timeframe when you’re likely to see the colors peak. Each bioregion within a state will vary, as will year to year fluctuations based on temperature, so while there’s no way to predict the exact dates of peak foliage, many states have foliage hotlines or tourism boards that you can contact for better estimates.

Unless you live in Hawaii, there’s little reason to travel out of state to witness the colorful display of deciduous trees as they prepare to drop their leaves for winter.