Special Report

76 Richest Members Of Congress


Data on the net worth of members of Congress came from the 2018 Wealth of Congress report from CQ Roll Call, an intelligence and advocacy group based in Washington, D.C. Net worth figures are based on recent financial filings and are representative of the time that each House member or senator was beginning his or her term in the 115th Congress. Net worth figures are by no means comprehensive or exact, as members of Congress are not required to report their principal residences or their contents (the largest assets for most Americans), and they report their financial assets and liabilities in broad ranges of value. Data on the year each House member or senator started serving as a member of Congress, district served, and party affiliation came from Congress.gov. The year each House member or senator’s current term ends came from nonprofit political encyclopedia Ballotpedia. Only House members and senators currently serving in the 116th congress were considered.