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100 Most Talked About Scandals of the Decade

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91. Sexism accusation at the US Open
> Year: 2018

Tennis great Serena Williams had an outburst during the final of the U.S. Open, when an umpire deducted a point for various code violations, including receiving coaching from the stands. After the match, which Williams lost, she accused the umpire of sexism.

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92. Kelly loses job
> Year: 2018

News show host Megyn Kelly lost her segment on the “Today” show after she made blackface comments that some considered insensitive.

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93. University of Maryland football player death
> Year: 2018

The University of Maryland’s football coaching staff and medical personnel were accused of not reacting quickly enough when an offensive lineman collapsed and died from heatstroke during practice. Head coach DJ Durkin was fired as a result.

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94. Hart removed as Oscars host
> Year: 2018

Comedian Kevin Hart stepped down as host of the Academy Awards after homophobic tweets he made surfaced.

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95. Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal
> Year: 2018

Facebook suspended its relations with data-analysis firm Cambridge Analytica after the British company that was linked to the Trump presidential campaign improperly obtained data to serve the Trump bid. This was a violation of Facebook’s advertising partner terms.

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96. Boeing caught knowing about 737 planes issues
> Year: 2019

Messages obtained by The New York Times showed Boeing officials knew about serious problems in its 737 Max plane years prior to the crashes that killed 346 people. The disasters led to an FBI investigation, and to the grounding of planes.

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97. College admissions scandal
> Year: 2019

A college admissions scandal, in which Hollywood stars and other wealthy families paid thousands of dollars to get their kids into colleges, was made public. Among those involved were Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman.

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98. Smollett hate-crime hoax
> Year: 2019

“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett committed a hate-crime hoax in January, when he claimed he was assaulted by Trump supporters on a Chicago street. After an investigation failed to support his claims, he was arrested though charges were later dropped.

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99. Stormy Daniels
> Year: 2019

Porn star Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit seeking to invalidate an agreement made with President Trump from speaking publicly about an alleged affair with the president was dismissed. The scandal first became public in January 2018.

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100. Epstein scandal involves Prince Andrew
> Year: 2019

The wide-ranging scandal of sex-ring operator Jeffrey Epstein, who died while in prison last summer, pulled in Britain’s Prince Andrew, who was kicked out of Buckingham Palace.