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The Best Baseball Player From Every State

Source: Tim Defrisco / Allsport / Getty Images

Massachusetts: Tom Glavine
> Team(s): Atlanta Braves, New York Mets
> Position: Pitcher
> Career: 1987-2008
> Accolades: Hall of Fame, 2x Cy Young, 10x All-Star, World Series, 4x Silver Slugger
> Also considered: Jeff Bagwell

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Michigan: Charlie Gehringer
> Team(s): Detroit Tigers
> Position: Second baseman
> Career: 1924-1942
> Accolades: Hall of Fame, MVP, 6x All-Star, World Series, Batting Title
> Also considered: John Smoltz, Hal Newhouser

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Minnesota: Dave Winfield
> Team(s): New York Yankees, San Diego Padres, 4 others
> Position: Right fielder
> Career: 1973-1995
> Accolades: Hall of Fame, 12x All-Star, 7x Gold Glove, 6x Silver Slugger, World Series
> Also considered: Paul Molitor

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Source: Silent Sensei / Wikimedia Commons

Mississippi: Dave Parker
> Team(s): Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds, 4 others
> Position: Right fielder
> Career: 1973-1991
> Accolades: MVP, 7x All-Star, 2x World Series, 3x Gold Glove, 2x Batting Title
> Also considered: Roy Oswalt

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Missouri: Yogi Berra
> Team(s): New York Yankees, New York Mets
> Position: Catcher
> Career: 1946-1965
> Accolades: Hall of Fame, 3x MVP, 15x All-Star, 10x World Series
> Also considered: Carl Hubbell, Ken Boyer

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