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17 Really Weird Divorce Conditions and Settlements

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1. Mandatory divorce education certificate

Married residents of Kentucky who want to go their separate ways can do so only after getting a divorce education certificate. It’s a program parents have to attend to make them more aware of the impact their separation will have on their children. The ultimate goal is an amicable divorce with as few disputes as possible.

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2. Always be nice

Before Jennifer Lopez married fellow singer Marc Anthony in 2004, he was married to actress and former beauty queen Dayanara Torres. After Torres and Anthony settled on the usual during the divorce proceedings — custody of their children and division of assets, etc. — Torres reportedly had to sign an agreement to never speak ill of Lopez or she could face a lawsuit.

3. There is only one “The Hoff”

You may have already forgotten former “Baywatch” and “Knight Rider” star David Hasselhoff, but he is still very popular in parts of Europe, especially Germany. So it makes sense, from his perspective, to want to keep the rights, as part of his divorce settlement, to several of his nicknames — “The Hoff,” “Malibu Dave,” and the catchphrase “Don’t Hassel the Hoff.”

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4. Six-month waiting period before remarrying

If a resident of Oklahoma meets someone right after divorcing and wants to walk down the aisle again, he or she has to wait six months. People who have filed for divorce may not remarry anyone in Oklahoma, unless they are remarrying their former spouse, for six months after the divorce has been finalized — unless the former spouse is deceased. They can marry again in another state before the six months expire, but they can’t live together in Oklahoma. (Living together within these six months is deemed adultery.)

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5. Saw a house in half

Splitting the house in half usually means selling it and splitting the money 50/50, right? Well, not for a couple in Cambodia in 2008. They literally sawed a house in half after ending their 18-year marriage. It was easier than you might think because the house — typical for the rural part of the country — was made of wood.