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Popular Products You Can’t Find Outside of America

Source: brians101 / Getty Images

11. Airstream trailers

Traveling in a trailer is very American. The country’s vast landmass lends itself to road trips like nowhere else — there are no borders, the language is the same, and while the views might change, many of the basic comforts and commodities remain the same. And what’s more iconic than the aluminum Airstream trailer?

This type of RV (recreational vehicle) made by Thor Industries in Jackson Center, Ohio, was first manufactured a century ago. Though Airstream introduced several models for the European market — they tend to be smaller — it remains an iconic American product.

Source: Courtesy of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese / kraftmacandcheese.com

12. Kraft Mac & Cheese

If you’ve prepared your pantry for a coronavirus lockdown, no doubt you stocked up with several blue boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese — regardless of your feelings about the product. It is, after all, a convenient nonperishable food.

It was introduced during similarly troubled times — the Great Depression — with the aim of combining nonperishable noodles with a processed cheese product (there’s that “cheese product” again). This North American (U.S. and Canada) staple has since expanded to other countries.

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13. Mailboxes

Not something you’d think about, but if you travel in Europe you won’t see many of the curbside mailboxes you’re so used to seeing in front of American houses. For some reason, they never caught on there. It is more common abroad to have slots in the doors through which the mail is dropped, wall boxes, or centralized mail stations. Such stations are becoming more common in the U.S., too, as they are preferred by the USPS.

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14. Pop-Tarts

Pop-Tarts are not seen much outside the U.S., though they are now available in a handful of other countries. These toaster pastries made by Kellogg are available in a variety of flavors nationwide, but if you must have them while travelling you’d better bring them along.

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15. Red Solo cups

According to the Smithsonian, “If you’ve ever cleaned up after a kegger or done drink duty at an office party, you’ve seen them — the red Solo cups that are Americans’ receptacle of choice for beverages both alcoholic and non.” And non-Americans, too, consider the red Solo cup an American symbol.

Though Solo Company was acquired by Dart in 2012, it continues to manufacture the iconic red cups under the Solo brand.