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50 Basic Cooking Tips You Should Memorize

People in all but eight states are under stay-at-home orders. Many people have inevitably found new hobbies to keep themselves busy. While some have probably made it their goal to watch every original show on streaming services, others may have picked up cooking.

Home cooks all know the frustration of starting dinner, then realizing they’re out of a key ingredient. After doing this one too many times, most eventually remember to read their recipe first and prep all ingredients before turning on the stove. 

24/7 Tempo compiled 50 basic cooking tips you should memorize, including crucial time-saving measures, safety tips, and some tricks you’ll be glad to know next time you prepare a meal.

Whether you dabble in baking or make meals from scratch nightly, you’ll likely adopt many of these tips. Here are 12 easy recipes to feed your family while you shelter in place.

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