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102 American Towns Founded Before the American Revolution

11. Portsmouth, New Hampshire
> Founded: 1630
> Population: 21,927

Portsmouth was a sanctuary for those fleeing religious persecution in Massachusetts.

Source: Lee Cannon / Flickr

12. Lewes, Delaware
> Founded: 1631
> Population: 2,955

Located on Delaware Bay, Lewes was first settled by the Dutch.

13. Windsor, Connecticut
> Founded: 1633
> Population: 29,044

Windsor was Connecticut’s first English settlement.

14. Wethersfield, Connecticut
> Founded: 1634
> Population: 26,008

One of Connecticut’s oldest towns settled by the English, Wethersfield was another town where witch trials were held in the 17th century.

15. Concord, Massachusetts
> Founded: 1635
> Population: 19,323

One of the places where the Revolutionary War began, Concord was settled by English colonists.

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16. Hartford, Connecticut
> Founded: 1636
> Population: 122,105

Puritans led by Rev. Thomas Hooker created a settlement on the Connecticut River.

Source: DenisTangneyJr / Getty Images

17. Providence, Rhode Island
> Founded: 1636
> Population: 179,883

Roger Williams, banished from Massachusetts Bay Colony for radical views, bought land from Native Americans and founded Providence.

Source: KenWiedemann / Getty Images

18. Scituate, Massachusetts
> Founded: 1636
> Population: 18,924

Scituate was settled by people from the county of Kent in England. The name “Scituate” is derived from the Native American word Satuit, meaning “cold brook.”

Source: DenisTangneyJr / Getty Images

19. New Haven, Connecticut
> Founded: 1638
> Population: 130,250

Founded by Puritans, New Haven was one of America’s first planned towns.

Source: DenisTangneyJr / Getty Images

20. Exeter, New Hampshire
> Founded: 1638
> Population: 15,317

Exeter founder Reverend John Wheelwright was an exile from Puritan Massachusetts. He bought land for the settlement from Native Americans.