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40 Popular Discontinued Snack Foods We Really Miss

Source: Courtesy of Nestlé

Carnation Breakfast Bars
> Introduced: 1975
> Discontinued: 1997
> Maker: Carnation

These dense protein bars came in several flavors, including Chocolate Crunch and Peanut Butter Crunch.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Cheetos Cheesy Checkers
> Introduced: 1995
> Discontinued: 1998
> Maker: Frito-Lay

According to their bag (which spelled the brand name with a hyphen, as Chee-Tos), these “crunchy snacks” — shaped like grates, with 12 squarish holes — were made with “33% more cheese” (though what this was in comparison to wasn’t specified).

Source: Courtesy of Amazon.com

Cheetos Twisted
> Introduced: 2002
> Discontinued: 2012
> Maker: Frito-Lay

These curlicue-shaped snacks, sometimes labeled Twisted Puffs, were described on the package as “Dangerously Cheesy.”

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Crunch Tators
> Introduced: 1988
> Discontinued: Early to mid 1990s
> Maker: Frito-Lay

Similar in texture to what are now called “kettle-cooked” chips and featuring a party-animal cartoon alligator on the package, these came in two varieties — Mighty Mesquite BBQ and Hoppin’ Jalapeño.

Source: Courtesy of Amazon

> Introduced: 1988
> Discontinued: 2012
> Maker: Betty Crocker (General Mills)

Dunkaroos, cookies meant to be eaten dunked in the frosting they’re packaged with, are still produced in Canada and Australia. Earlier this year, it was announced that they’d be returning to U.S. shelves this summer. Whether the coronavirus outbreak will delay their reintroduction remains to be seen.