Special Report

The Best Thing About Every State

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Best thing: 21.8% adult obesity rate

Obesity is a health risk for a number of serious and potentially fatal diseases, and Colorado has the lowest adult obesity rate of any state — well below the 29% national rate.

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Best thing: Healthiest state

Connecticut is the healthiest state in the U.S. with 58.1% adults who report that their health is very good or excellent, the highest share than any other state, according to the CDC.

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Best thing: Favorable tax laws

Due to a favorable tax and legal climate for businesses, the vast majority — 67.8% — of Fortune 500 and publicly traded U.S. companies are incorporated in Delaware.

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Best thing: NASA

Florida’s Kennedy Space Center has been the launch site for most of NASA’s biggest missions in its history. NASA’s operations and the visitor center contributed an estimated $3.9 billion to Florida’s economy in fiscal year 2019.

Best thing: Poultry production leader

Georgia produces a nation-leading 26 million pounds of chicken per day, contributing $18.4 billion to the state’s economy annually.