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These People Own the Most Land in America

Source: Karen Fasimpaur / Wikimedia Commons

50. Hadley family
> Land area: 260,000 acres
> Roughly equal to: The size of Hong Kong

The Hadley family, heirs of the Anheuser-Busch beer company fortune, own 260,000 acres, including the massive Diamond A Ranch, which makes up a substantial part of New Mexico’s southwestern tip.

Source: Ken Lund / Flickr

49. Lyda family
> Land area: 260,035 acres
> Roughly equal to: The size of San Antonio

The Lydas are Texas cattle ranchers and landowners. Their properties include the massive La Escalera ranch in West Texas.

Source: Montana State Legislature

48. Galt family
> Land area: 262,000 acres
> Roughly equal to: 2,500 times the size of Vatican City

The Galts are a family of cattle ranchers with a number of large properties in Montana, including the Martinsdale Ranch. Errol Galt is the former Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Game commissioner.

Source: mtcurado / iStock via Getty Images

47. D.K. Boyd
> Land area: 262,585 acres
> Roughly equal to: Three times the size of Grenada

Rancher and oilman D.K. Boyd owns over a quarter million acres of American land, including ranches in the Texas Panhandle and New Mexico.

Source: photosbyjim / Getty Images

46. True family
> Land area: 272,000 acres
> Roughly equal to: Three times the size of Raleigh, North Carolina

The True family runs oil drilling operations in several Western and Southern states like Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, and more.