Special Report

These People Own the Most Land in America

Source: Courtesy of Oklahoma State University

30. Malone Mitchell III
> Land area: 336,000 acres
> Roughly equal to: The size of the Hawaiian Island of Kaua’i

Malone Mitchell runs Longfellow Ranches, a 500 square mile hunting preserve located in West Texas.

Source: Mark Seymour / Flickr

29. Zane and Tanya Kiehne
> Land area: 364,668 acres
> Roughly equal to: Twice the size of Singapore

Zane and Tanya Kiehne own ranches that span seven counties in New Mexico and seven counties in Texas and consist mostly of mountainous terrain that is home to a variety of wildlife.

Source: The Houstonian (1948) / Wikimedia Commons

28. Cullen Heirs
> Land area: 388,000 acres
> Roughly equal to: Twice the size of the Maldives

The heirs to the late Texas oil titan Hugh Roy Cullen own nearly 400,000 acres of land across the country.

Source: Courtesy of Texas A&M University

27. Hughes family
> Land area: 390,000 acres
> Roughly equal to: Half the size of Yosemite National Park

Dan Hughes, patriarch of the Hughes family, was a wildcatter and oil tycoon in Texas. Together, his family owns 390,000 acres.

Source: Greg L. Wright / Wikimedia Commons

26. Holding family
> Land area: 395,030 acres
> Roughly equal to: The size of Oklahoma City

The wife and children of the late Robert Earl Holding, who bought Sinclair Oil Corp. for $78 million in 1976, own nearly 400,000 acres. Their land includes the 190,000 acre Sunlight Ranch in Montana, just outside of Yellowstone National Park.