Special Report

What Every President Did After Leaving the White House

Source: Mark Lyons / Hulton Archive via Getty Images

William J. Clinton
> Presidential term: 1993-2001
> Occupation after leaving office: Public speaker, political analyst

Bill Clinton has stayed active in public life giving paid speeches and through his William J. Clinton Foundation, the goal of which is to fight AIDS and help poor people. After leaving the White House, he wrote a memoir and oversaw the establishment of his presidential library in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Source: Pool / Getty Images

George W. Bush
> Presidential term: 2001-2009
> Occupation after leaving office: Amateur painter

George W. Bush has not been very politically active after leaving the White House. He occasionally gave paid speeches and has become an amateur painter.

Source: Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons

Barack Obama
> Presidential term: 2009-2017
> Occupation after leaving office: Public speaker

With the exception of a few policy-related pronouncements and supporting Joe Biden in his bid for president, Obama has remained mostly out of America’s political life. He has spent his time after leaving office writing a memoir, traveling, and giving paid public speeches.