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What Every President Did After Leaving the White House

Source: National Archives / Getty Images

Chester A. Arthur
> Presidential term: 1881-1885
> Occupation after leaving office: Lawyer

After leaving the White House, Chester A. Arthur moved to New York to resume his career as a lawyer. He died about a year and a half later.

Source: iip-photo-archive / Flickr

Grover Cleveland
> Presidential term: 1885-1889 and 1893-1897
> Occupation after leaving office: Trustee of Princeton University

Grover Cleveland retired from politics to his home in Princeton, New Jersey. There he served as a trustee of Princeton University from 1901 until his death in 1908.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Benjamin Harrison
> Presidential term: 1889-1893
> Occupation after leaving office: Lawyer

Benjamin Harrison moved back to Indianapolis where he practiced law. He was a respected public speaker and the leading counsel for Venezuela in its legal dispute over boundaries with Great Britain.

William McKinley
> Presidential term: 1897-1901
> Occupation after leaving office: Assassinated while in office

McKinley died eight days after being shot by an anarchist who claimed the president was the “enemy of the people.”

Source: Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

Theodore Roosevelt
> Presidential term: 1901-1909
> Occupation after leaving office: Writer

After leaving the White House, Theodore Roosevelt went on an expedition exploring the Amazon region. After returning to the United States, the former president spent his time writing scientific essays and history books.