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The Best Private High School in Every State

Source: Courtesy of Indian Springs School

Alabama: Indian Springs School
> Location: Indian Springs
> Students: 315
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 7:1
> Avg. SAT score: 1390
> Annual tuition: $25,800

Indian Springs School, located outside of Birmingham, is a boarding and day school for grades eight through 12. A small school of just over 300 students, there are only about seven students per teacher.

Students at the school generally perform well on standardized college admissions exams, and popular colleges and universities for Indian Springs alumni — including Vanderbilt, Brown, Duke, and Stanford — are among the most selective in the country

Source: Courtesy of Holy Rosary Academy via Facebook

Alaska: Holy Rosary Academy
> Location: Anchorage
> Students: 147
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 9:1
> Avg. SAT score: N/A
> Annual tuition: N/A

Holy Rosary Academy in Anchorage ranks as the best private high school in Alaska. A relatively small Catholic school, Holy Rosary enrolls only 147 students in grades K-12. With so few students enrolled, class sizes are small with only about nine students for every teacher at the academy, a lower student-to-teacher ratio than most private high schools in Alaska. As is the case in most schools on this list, virtually all Holy Rosary graduates go on to a four-year college.

Source: Courtesy of Phoenix Country Day School

Arizona: Phoenix Country Day School
> Location: Paradise Valley
> Students: 750
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 7:1
> Avg. SAT score: 1370
> Annual tuition: $28,200

College preparation is one reason many parents choose to send their children to private school. Based on Niche survey results, the average SAT score at Phoenix Country Day is 1370 — higher than in nearly every other private school in the state and higher than that of over 90% of all SAT test takers nationwide. With such competitive scores, many Phoenix Country Day graduates go on to enroll in competitive colleges and universities such as University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California, and Stanford.

Source: Courtesy of Pulaski Academy

Arkansas: Pulaski Academy
> Location: Little Rock
> Students: 1,393
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 8:1
> Avg. SAT score: 1290
> Annual tuition: N/A

Pulaski Academy is a PK-12 school located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Pulaski Academy’s high school offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes research and writing. The school’s average SAT score is higher than more than 80% of all SAT scores nationwide and virtually all enrolled students go on to graduate. Effectively all student survey respondents on Niche agree that the school is academically competitive.

Source: Courtesy of The College Preparatory School via Facebook

California: The College Preparatory School
> Location: Oakland
> Students: 372
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 7:1
> Avg. SAT score: 1470
> Annual tuition: $48,300

The College Preparatory School in Oakland ranks as the best private school in California and one of the best in the United States. Competitive colleges and universities such as Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia, Harvard, Brown, and Yale are all popular choices for school graduates.

Like most well-regarded private high schools, College Preparatory is expensive. One year tuition comes with a price tag of $48,300. However, financial aid is available to qualifying students, with an average assistance package of over $30,000.