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The Best Private High School in Every State

Source: Courtesy of Kent Denver School

Colorado: Kent Denver School
> Location: Englewood
> Students: 732
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 8:1
> Avg. SAT score: 1380
> Annual tuition: $31,427

The Kent Denver School is open to students in grades six to 12. It is located on a 200-acre campus in Englewood, just outside of Denver. School students have a higher SAT and ACT score than any other Colorado high school. The school’s graduation rate is a perfect 100%, and the school says all graduates eventually go on to a four-year college. The school costs over $31,000 per year, and nearly a quarter of its students get some kind of financial aid, according to the school, adding up to over $4 million per year in aid.

Source: Adrien Delessert / Wikimedia Commons

Connecticut: The Hotchkiss School
> Location: Lakeville
> Students: 600
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 4:1
> Avg. SAT score: 1410
> Annual tuition: $50,990

Connecticut is home to many prestigious private high schools, including Choate, Hopkins, and Kent, but Hotchkiss ranks as the state’s top private high school. Hotchkiss, located in the northwestern corner of the state, boasts a near lowest-in-the-nation 4:1 student-teacher ratio, a perfect graduation rate, and a 1410 average SAT score — higher than about 95% of all scores of all test takers. The school has a strong emphasis on diversity, and 36% of enrollees are students of color, and 16% are international students.

Like many schools on this list, Hotchkiss is expensive. Annual tuition is nearly $51,000 a year, and including boarding it is nearly $60,000.

Source: St. Andrew's School

Delaware: St. Andrew’s School
> Location: Middletown
> Students: 310
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 6:1
> Avg. SAT score: 1370
> Annual tuition: $55,500

Of all private high schools in Delaware, St. Andrew’s has the highest average SAT score — which, at 1370 is better than over 90% of all SAT scores nationwide. Students at the school, located in Middletown, benefit from small class sizes and a relatively diverse student body. Though annual tuition is over $55,000, 46% of students receive some financial aid.

Source: Ebyabe / Wikimedia Commons

Florida: Ransom Everglades School
> Location: Coconut Grove
> Students: 1,094
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 6:1
> Avg. SAT score: 1400
> Annual tuition: $38,400

The Ransom Everglades School is located in Miami’s Coconut Grove neighborhood. It has a relatively low ratio of six students per teacher. This low student-to-teacher ratio can benefit students by providing them with individualized attention and promoting their participation in class. Students at Ransom Everglades have an average SAT score of 1400, ranking in the top 100 high schools in the country. Though the annual tuition is $38,400, the average financial aid is $29,569 for the 19% of pupils who receive it.

Source: Courtesy of The Westminster Schools

Georgia: The Westminster Schools
> Location: Atlanta
> Students: 1,870
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 6:1
> Avg. SAT score: 1420
> Annual tuition: $30,330

Nearly 1,900 Atlanta-area students, kindergarten through grade 12, attend The Westminster Schools. Like most other schools on this list, the school boasts a perfect graduation rate. It also has one of the 50 highest average SAT scores among all U.S. high schools, at 1420. Most schools on this list offer financial aid, and those that do typically offer assistance to over a quarter of students. Yet at Westminster only 13% of students receive aid.