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The Best Private High School in Every State

Source: Courtesy of Wichita Collegiate School / Facebook

Kansas: Wichita Collegiate School
> Location: Wichita
> Students: 853
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 9:1
> Avg. SAT score: 1350
> Annual tuition: $19,710

The Wichita Collegiate School is a 42-acre campus in Wichita enrolling about 850 students. As is the case in most schools on this list, the school has a small class size of about 15 students on average, with a student-teacher ratio of 9:1. Wichita Collegiate also offers 19 AP courses for upperclassmen — more than any other school in the region. Popular colleges and universities for graduates include the University of Kansas, Wichita State, Kansas State, and Stanford.

Source: Kentucky Country Day School / Facebook

Kentucky: Kentucky Country Day School
> Location: Louisville
> Students: 856
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 7:1
> Avg. SAT score: 1370
> Annual tuition: $23,245

Kentucky Country Day School in Louisville is a K-12 school that offers small class sizes — an average of 16 students — and a student-teacher ratio of about 7:1. The school specializes in college prep. Popular higher education institutions among Country Day School alumni include University of Kentucky, Vanderbilt, University of Louisville, and Indiana University.

Source: Courtesy of Metairie Park Country Day School via Facebook

Louisiana: Metairie Park Country Day School
> Location: Metairie
> Students: 720
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 8:1
> Avg. SAT score: 1340
> Annual tuition: $19,980

The Metairie Park Country Day School is a non-denominational private school for grades K-12 just outside of New Orleans. The school has a strong emphasis on preparation for college and adult life, and 100% of graduates go on to attend a four-year college. Many of those schools are highly competitive, as the average SAT score at Country Day is 1340 — higher than about 90% of all scores nationwide.

Source: Namiba / Wikimedia Commons

Maine: Waynflete
> Location: Portland
> Students: 573
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 5:1
> Avg. SAT score: 1310
> Annual tuition: $34,170

Waynflete, located in Portland, ranks as the best private school in Maine. The school boasts a 5:1 student-teacher ratio — nearly the smallest ratio of any private school on this list. The school also has a perfect graduation rate and a high average SAT score. Graduates go on to competitive colleges and universities in the state and the broader New England region, including Bowdoin, Tufts, Bates, and the University of Vermont.

Source: Courtesy of Holton-Arms School

Maryland: Holton-Arms School
> Location: Bethesda
> Students: 660
> Student-to-teacher ratio: 8:1
> Avg. SAT score: 1380
> Annual tuition: $40,150

Holton-Arms School is a century old all-girls private school in Bethesda, Maryland. The school has an 8:1 student-teacher ratio, and over 80% of faculty have advanced degrees. According to the school’s mission statement, Holton strives for a holistic education, developing not only students’ minds, but also their soul and spirit. Every graduate of Holton-Arms has been accepted to four-year colleges and universities. Tuition at Holton-Arms is a little over $40,000, though 23% of students receive some form of financial aid.