Special Report

17 Non-Obvious Ways Life Has Changed During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives in obvious ways — many people wear masks, shop online, spend more time with family, and work remotely. But there are also some less obvious ways the pandemic has changed behavior or aspects of our lives.

To create a list of 17 ways life has changed since the pandemic struck in early 2020, 24/7 Tempo reviewed surveys and data from global organizations such the World Bank as well as from government agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the FBI.

COVID-19 has changed consumer behavior and what people are spending their money on. The health habits of many Americans are also different than they were a year ago, and while some Americans have focused on improving their overall well-being, others have changed behavior and habits for the worse.

It has been well documented that homicides have significantly increased during the pandemic, but another type of crime that has also seen a sharp rise is cyber crime — more specifically identity fraud, and it’s young people who are the likeliest targets.

More than a year has now passed since the novel coronavirus began infecting people in China, reaching almost every country in the world within a few months. The second year of the coronavirus pandemic is perhaps more optimistic as vaccination campaigns have started in several countries. But life will not go back to pre-COVID-19 normalcy any time soon — here are 20 major myths about COVID-19.

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