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The Most Expensive College in Every State

Source: Dngvandaele / Wikimedia Commons

Montana: Carroll College
> Annual net price: $25,187
> Carroll College admission rate: 68.9%
> 2018-2019 undergraduate enrollment: 1,371
> Located: Helena

Carroll College is the only higher learning institution in Montana with students paying over $25,000 for tuition, books, room and board, minus any financial aid. Some 92% of attendees receive some sort of grand aid. The private, Catholic liberal arts college is over 100 years old.

Carroll College students have among the best test scores of those at any four year Montana college or university. Students’ average score is a composite 25 on the ACT, ranking first in the state, and 1170 on the combined reading and math SAT, ranking second behind Montana State University.

Nebraska: Creighton University
> Annual net price: $32,145
> Creighton University admission rate: 73.7%
> 2018-2019 undergraduate enrollment: 4,885
> Located: Omaha

With an annual net price of $32,145, Creighton University in Omaha is the most expensive college in Nebraska by nearly $6,000. It is a Jesuit, Catholic university with educational programs in fields like health, law, business, and more.

Creighton University students perform better on standardized tests than those at any other college in Nebraska, with a combined English and math score on the SAT of 1250, and a composite ACT score of 27.

Source: Chamberlain University Nevada

Nevada: Chamberlain University-Nevada
> Annual net price: $34,928
> Chamberlain University-Nevada admission rate: 100.0%
> 2018-2019 undergraduate enrollment: 493
> Located: Las Vegas

Chamberlain University-Nevada is one of 22 Chamberlain campuses across the country. This university system focuses primarily on educating people who want to become nurses or get into some sort of health care profession.

Though Chamberlain University-Nevada costs nearly $35,000 per year to attend, just over half of students — 51.0% — receive some kind of financial aid. On average, nearly two-thirds of students get some kind of grant in schools nationwide.

Source: DeLarge77 / Wikimedia Commons

New Hampshire: Southern New Hampshire University
> Annual net price: $39,743
> Southern New Hampshire University admission rate: 88.2%
> 2018-2019 undergraduate enrollment: 119,733
> Located: Manchester

Southern New Hampshire University is a popular online college with well over 100,000 students, though some still attend classes on campus. With an annual net price among students receiving financial aid of nearly $40,000, it is the most expensive school in the state by over $5,000.

Though SNHU is the most expensive four-year school in New Hampshire, its students are the least likely of the state’s 14 colleges to receive financial aid. Just 52% of undergraduates receive some kind of financial aid, compared to 65% of undergraduates overall.

Source: Michael Bocchieri / Getty Images

New Jersey: Stevens Institute of Technology
> Annual net price: $40,770
> Stevens Institute of Technology admission rate: 40.0%
> 2018-2019 undergraduate enrollment: 3,462
> Located: Hoboken

Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken ranks as the most expensive school in New Jersey by over $7,000. It offers majors in engineering, science, and business. Students receiving aid pay an average of $40,770 for tuition, books, room and board, minus any financial aid.

Stevens Institute of Technology students have among the best standardized test scores of any college in the country. The typical student has an SAT score of 1405, combining reading and math scores, and the typical composite ACT score is 32.