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Lincoln Was a Wrestler and Truman Never Went to College: Here Are the Most Surprising Facts About Every American President

President’s Day is an important day to take a moment and reflect on those who have served as the chief executive of our country. And while you may be well-versed in textbook facts about each president, you may have never heard of some of their pet peeves, quirks, and pastimes.

For example, did you know Abraham Lincoln was a near-undefeated wrestler? And Calvin Coolidge, our 30th president, liked having his scalp massaged with petroleum jelly while he enjoyed breakfast in bed?

To identify some of the most surprising facts about every president, the team at 24/7 Tempo researched a slew of sources, including the official website of the White House, whitehouse.gov, biography.com, San Francisco-based public media outlet KQED, The History Channel’s website history.com, National Public Radio (NPR), the Smithsonian magazine, and an online library of facts called FactRetriever.

Wonder how you’d rate on a “Jeopardy!” show with questions about U.S. presidents? Take the following pop quiz and see how you stack up.  Here are 50 real “Jeopardy!” clues about US presidents

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