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Popular Desserts From Every State You Must Try

Source: Anastasia Turshina / iStock via Getty Images

Colorado: Palisade peach pancakes

Western Colorado is where Palisade peaches are grown, so it’s no surprise that one of the most popular desserts in the state includes the juicy fruit. Peach pies and cobblers are other local favorites.

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Connecticut: Pumpkin cookies with nutmeg

Connecticut is known as the Nutmeg state, so it’s only fitting that nutmeg cookies are one of Connecticut’s iconic desserts. The sweet spice was a staple among early New England inhabitants.

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Delaware: Strawberry pretzel salad

Though peach pie is the official state dessert, strawberry pretzel salad is worth a try. Strawberry, the official fruit of Delaware, is used in many, many recipes. One of them is the strawberry pretzel salad, which is not a salad, but a cake with crushed pretzels, sugar, and cream cheese topped with whipped cream.

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Florida: Key lime pie

The key lime, a smaller, seedier lime with more acidity and flavor than regular lime varieties, is grown in the Florida Keys and used to flavor the official pie of Florida.

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Georgia: Peach cobbler

Fruit cobblers have been popular since early American settlers baked them in Dutch ovens. But it wasn’t until the 1950s that the Georgia Peach Council helped establish a National Peach Cobbler Day to celebrate this dessert made from Georgia’s juiciest crop.