Special Report

Famous, Unique, and Even Weird Traditions in Every State

Source: Tony Alter / Flickr

46. Virginia
> Tradition: Pineapples in Christmas wreaths
> When: Christmas season

You may not think of pineapples as a part of a Christmas wreath, but in Virginia, especially in Williamsburg, the fruit is in embedded in the holiday decoration. Pineapples are found in colonial architecture in the Virginia area and have been part of its culture since at least the mid-17th century.

Source: Joe Mabel / Flickr

47. Washington
> Tradition: Fremont Solstice Parade
> When: June 16

The longest day of the year is cause for a parade in Seattle’s funky Fremont neighborhood. The parade features public theater, stilt walkers, bicyclists, and dancers. Anyone can participate as long as they are conveyed by a motorized vehicle and don’t display any logos. The parade’s website says the event is “a kaleidoscope of joyous human expressions.”

Source: Pocahontas County Chamber of Commerce‎ / Facebook

48. West Virginia
> Tradition: Roadkill Cook-off
> When: Early September

Every September, Marlington, West Virginia, plays host to the roadkill cook-off. People can sample the culinary splendor of squirrel gravy and deer sausage, foods derived from the animals that met an untimely end along the highways of the state. In previous years, the cook-off has been shown on the Food Network, the Travel Channel, and the Discovery Channel.

Source: Courtesy of the Town of Lake Tomahawk

49. Wisconsin
> Tradition: Snowshoe baseball
> When: June-August

Who needs regular baseball in the summer when you can cover the field with so much saw chips that you need snowshoes to run? The tourist town of Lake Tomahawk is the proud home of the games, which take place between June and August every year.

Source: Courtesy of Cheyenne Zombiefest

50. Wyoming
> Tradition: Cheyenne Zombiefest
> When: Sept. 15

It might not be the zombie apocalypse, but the Zombiefest is a big deal in Cheyenne, as the undead take over downtown. Features of the annual event include an undead fashion show, a zombie prom, and a walking ghost tour of downtown Cheyenne. Proceeds from Cheyenne’s traditional event go to the Cheyenne Little Theatre.