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16 Symptoms You May Not Know Are Allergic Reactions

Allergies are a very common chronic condition among Americans. More than 7% of the adult population is diagnosed with hay fever every year, which is the common name for allergic rhinitis. In the spring, hay fever is often caused by various types of tree pollen, grass, and weeds.

An allergy is the immune system’s hypersensitivity reaction to usually harmless substances in the environment. If the body is allergic to food, most symptoms occur around the mouth, throat, or stomach. If the allergen is something a person breathes in, the symptoms are then likely to affect the eyes, nose, and lungs.

24/7 Tempo reviewed information by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and other health-focused sites to compile a list of both common and lesser-known symptoms of spring allergies.

The duration of the allergy season in the spring varies depending on geographic location. Cities in warmer climates tend to have longer pollen seasons, sometimes starting as early as January, while areas in colder climates tend to have shorter pollen seasons these are 25 easy remedies that can relief allergy suffering.

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