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Cities That Have Lost the Most Teams

Source: Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

16. Oakland
> Teams lost: 4
> Most recent: Oakland Raiders, 2020
> Current teams: Athletics, Warriors

After the 2019 NFL season, the Raiders franchise left the Bay Area again, this time for Las Vegas. The first time the Raiders ditched Oakland was for Los Angeles, after the 1981 season. But they returned for the 1995 season. And though the team was not considered for the ranking because it is so close, the Golden State Warriors moved from Oakland across the bay to San Francisco after the 2019 season.

Source: W. W. Somers / The Sporting News Collection / Wikimedia Commons

15. Boston
> Teams lost: 4
> Most recent: Boston Braves, 1953
> Current teams: Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins

Boston may be dominant in professional sports today, but not all teams have prospered there. The Boston Yanks football team folded in the 1940s, while the Boston Braves moved to Milwaukee in 1953 after they won the National League pennant in 1948.

Source: Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons

14. Cincinnati
> Teams lost: 4
> Most recent: Cincinnati Stingers, 1979
> Current teams: Reds, Bengals

Cincinnati, home to professional baseball’s oldest team, the Reds, has lost four professional sports teams over the years — most notably, the Cincinnati Royals. The NBA team, made famous by Oscar Robertson and Jerry Lucas in the 1960s, moved to Kansas City in 1972.

Source: Jay Publishing / Wikimedia Commons

13. Kansas City
> Teams lost: 4
> Most recent: Kansas City Kings, 1985
> Current teams: Royals, Chiefs

Kansas City has lost four pro teams. Two of the teams that departed — the A’s from Major League Baseball and the Kings from the NBA — had come from other cities.

Source: Hulton Archive / Getty Images

12. Milwaukee
> Teams lost: 4
> Most recent: Milwaukee Braves, 1965
> Current teams: Brewers, Bucks

The Braves spent 13 years in Milwaukee, where they won consecutive National League pennants in 1957 and 1958 and a world championship in 1957. They moved to Atlanta after the 1965 season, where they enjoyed even greater success.