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35 Pantry Essentials You Should Never Be Without

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21. Mustard

It’s impossible to imagine pretzels, hot dogs, or ham sandwiches (among others) without mustard, but it’s also an ingredient of classic vinaigrette and adds punch to sauces for chicken or beef, glazes for baked ham or roast tenderloin, dips for raw vegetables, and much more.

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22. Mayonnaise

The ultimate sandwich spread, mayo can also be used to make breading stick to fish or meat, add richness to casseroles, even keep chocolate cake or brownies moist.

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23. Ketchup

French fries seem naked without it and ketchup has a place at the breakfast table and on burger night — but it’s also an important ingredient of cocktail sauce, barbecue sauce, various glazes, and more.

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24. Worcestershire sauce

A few drops of this pungent condiment (involving anchovies, molasses, garlic, and other ingredients in a vinegar base) adds character to sauces and dressings of many kinds, and is essential for bloody marys.

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25. Bread crumbs

Use bread crumbs, whether the conventional coarse kind or finer Japanese-style panko, for breading meat, fish, or fowl for frying or in stuffings for vegetables or chicken.