Special Report

Looking Back at 25 Iconic Photos From the Oscars

The 93rd Academy Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday, April 25. It’s an event designed to produce striking images, with lots of stylishly dressed beautiful people strutting their stuff. This year’s Oscars will be presented in person, although public health and safety will be a priority, with multiple locations being used to facilitate social distancing and masks required.

24/7 Tempo has curated a list of 25 photographs taken at Oscars ceremonies over the years. From the charming image of Shirley Temple awarding an honorary Oscar to Walt Disney in 1939 to the look Robin Williams gives the crowd accepting his Best Supporting Actor award in 1998, we think at least these images spanning the years have earned a spot in history. 

The photos are arranged chronologically, and we’ve included for each slide except for 1927 the movie that won best picture the year the photograph was taken. Here are the best movies to ever win an Oscar.

The photos we have selected are not all of stars — and they weren’t even all taken in Hollywood. The very first on our list is of an Academy meeting in 1927, taken two years before the first awards. There’s one of valets waiting to park cars at the event in 1950, and another of a worker finishing an Oscar statuette in Chicago.

For more than a year the pandemic has limited our options for recreation and entertainment, and watching movies online has become more popular than ever. We are pleased to celebrate the people whose mission is entertaining us.

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