Special Report

This Is the Best Dive Bar in Every State

Source: Courtesy of christopher I. via Yelp

Hawaii: Arnold’s Beach Bar & Grill
> City: Honolulu

Free popcorn popped in bacon grease, $5 mai tais and margaritas, and $3 beers are on the menu at this dive-like tiki bar. Some reviewers find it a little too polished and touristy, but with what Yelp reviews describe as “super cheap alcohol” and “a gaggle of drunk folks being rude to the bartender,” it’s obviously divey enough for Waikiki.

Source: Courtesy of Cactus Bar via Yelp

Idaho: Cactus Bar
> City: Boise

“Many a Jäger Bomb has been defused at this downtown institution,” according to Boise Weekly. Open daily from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m., Cactus Bar offers “cheap strong drinks,” including $2 well drinks and $2 domestic drafts — cash only. The clientele, says the Old Boise website, “includes bikers, students, and pretty much anyone who loves to drink.”

Source: Courtesy of Nitin R. via Yelp

Illinois: Lange’s Lounge
> City: Chicago

An “old-school Chicago landmark,” according to one Yelp review, Lange’s offers what the Chicago Bar Project website calls “a mellow atmosphere conducive for conversation, swigging Bud, shooting some stick…” The site notes that it “mostly draws older neighborhood types who suspiciously (sic) eye younger patrons,” but “offers a refreshing change from some of the pretension and fratishness found…nearby….” Eater reports that the place offers “an impressive selection of dad beer in cans.”

Source: Courtesy of Dea A. via Yelp

Indiana: The Alley
> City: Bloomington

“This is a day drinker’s paradise: peanut shells on the floor, solid selection of taps, natural light from street windows (but not too much), and a salty and well seasoned bartender/owner/operator.” That’s according to a Yelp reviewer from Indianapolis. “Dark, narrow, hole in the wall, but perfect,” wrote another Yelper, adding, “it’s a place your father would have had drinks.”

Source: Courtesy of Cam C. via Yelp

Iowa: Locust Tap
> City: Des Moines

Extravagantly graffiti’d walls, a decrepit tin ceiling, a drink-stained pool table — and, in the words of one Yelp reviewer, “They play loud music, have cheap beer, [and] the booths are falling apart…” Another commented “[I]f you can get past the fact that this place smells like a men’s restroom, then sit back, relax and have some $2 PBR.”