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29 Popular Jobs Held Almost Exclusively by Men

While there have been great strides towards equality in the workplace in recent decades, it is obvious that major gender imbalances persist in many fields. In fact, there are some in which women hardly work at all. (These are the 30 countries with the smallest gender gap.)

There may be a number of reasons for this situation, the first and most obvious being longstanding gender discrimination, which persists despite years of equal rights legislation and changing societal norms. In addition, some jobs may have particular requirements, such as upper-body strength for firefighting, that deter women from applying. But that should be less of an issue where skill is more important than strength, as is the case with construction equipment operator — a job that is still 97% male. (Read here about the largest employer in every state.)

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Another factor may be work-life balance. Women often have to juggle jobs with child-rearing responsibilities, and some fields offer less flexibility than others. This may be an insurmountable obstacle in the absence of affordable universal childcare.

24/7 Wall St. has compiled a list of popular jobs that are almost exclusively held by men. In all cases, men comprise well over 90% of the workforce. Some fields, notably skilled trades in the construction and automotive industries, stand out. In one category, automotive service technicians and mechanics, fewer than 1% of jobs are held by women.