Special Report

Canadian Slang and Phrases Americans Just Don't Understand

Source: Lauri Patterson / Getty Images

11. Brown bread

If a Canadian server asks you if you want brown or white toast with your eggs, he means whole wheat or white.

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12. Washroom

No, he doesn’t want to take a shower. When a Canadian asks you where the washroom is, he’s simply looking for the restroom.

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13. Smarties and Rockets

Want to get totally confused? Smarties in Canada are M&M-like candies made by Nestle (M&Ms are made by Mars). And the tablet candies Americans call Smarties? Well, they’re called Rockets to avoid confusion with Smarties. But both Rockets and Smarties are made by Smarties Candy Company.

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14. Snowbird

Retired Canadians, but really people of any age, who spend the winter in warmer climates are called snowbirds.

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15. Garburator

It sounds like a garbage-eating machine, and that’s exactly what it is — the garbage disposal device at the bottom of the kitchen sink. It’s likely a combination of the words garbage and macerator.