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These Are America’s Favorite Sandwiches

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2. Grilled chicken
> Really or somewhat ‘like’: 75%
> Really or somewhat ‘dislike’: 7%
> Never tried it: 4%

The grilled chicken sandwich is another example of a sandwich that’s simple to make that’s among America’s favorite. The sandwich consists of marinated grilled chicken, topped with honey mustard, onion, lettuce, and tomato. Some people like to add bacon and cheese, too.

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1. Grilled cheese
> Really or somewhat ‘like’: 79%
> Really or somewhat ‘dislike’: 7%
> Never tried it: 3%

Bread and cheese heated together is an idea that goes back at least to Roman times. The term “grilled cheese,” though, dates only from around the 1930s and may have coincided with the introduction of the electric sandwich grill (invented by Thomas Edison). The popular combination of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup was apparently invented in school cafeteria kitchens during the Depression.