Special Report

Fashion Trends Only 90s Kids Will Remember

The ’90s were, in a way, a golden era for fashion. Various slip dresses, jeans, and grunge styles reigned supreme. Looking back on what these actually looked like — through the prism of 2021 fashion — may result in a mixed bag of emotions. Some may feel nostalgic, but a few would no doubt question the decade’s fashion gods’ creations.

To compile a list of fashion trends and styles only those who grew up in the ’90s will remember, 24/7 Tempo reviewed fashion industry sources and media reports. The styles’ iconic status was based on name recognition, influence on fashion, and enduring fame.

Fashion trends come and go, often only to return a few decades later. A quick Google search or an Instagram scroll shows that some of the ’90s most memorable styles are making a comeback.

Changes in fashion are often driven by anything from technology, popular culture, social norms, and celebrities’ influence — these are the most popular fashion designers in history.

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