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20 Celebrities Who Died Broke

Source: Hulton Archive / Moviepix via Getty Images

6. Corey Haim
> Died: 2010
> Circumstances at death: Had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, lived with his mother

“Lost Boys” star Corey Haim, who allegedly suffered sexual abuse as a child actor, struggled with a drug addiction that marred his career. Having no insurance, his frequent stints in rehab depleted his bank account and he died with medical debt and owing over $200,000 in back taxes.

Source: Fox Photos / Hulton Archive via Getty Images

7. Veronica Lake
> Died: 1973
> Circumstances at death: Penniless

A Hollywood femme fatale of the ’40s, Lake spent her fortune on booze as her career went south. A miscarriage and a string of failed marriages lent to her alcoholism, and she died at 50 of liver and kidney damage.

Source: Archive Photos / Moviepix via Getty Images

8. Omar Sharif
> Died: 2015
> Circumstances at death: “All alone and completely broke” (per Sharif shortly before his death)

The Egyptian film star, famous for his roles in “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Doctor Zhivago,” was also notorious for his drinking and gambling habits. After gambling his fortune away, he lived in a string of hotels and died of a heart attack in Cairo.

Source: Archive Photos / Moviepix via Getty Images

9. Anita Ekberg
> Died: 2015
> Circumstances at death: Reportedly destitute

Swedish actress Anita Ekberg, famous for her role in Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita,” enjoyed a successful series of acting jobs in the 1960s. Her roles, however, dried up in the ’70s. A divorce and multiple robberies left her living out her last days in seclusion in a run-down Italian villa.

10. Bobby Driscoll
> Died: 1968
> Circumstances at death: Penniless, living in an abandoned building

Child actor and the voice of Disney’s “Peter Pan,” Driscoll had a promising career in sight, which was cut short when he lost his Disney contract as a teen and became addicted to drugs. He died of heart failure at 31 and was buried in an unmarked grave in New York City.