Special Report

Friends, Snapchat and Other Famous Things That Almost Had Other Names

Many famous books, movies, literary characters, sports teams, and musical groups began life called something else. Which begs the question — would they have been as successful had they retained their original name?

Would the book “1984” be any less compelling if it went by its original title, “The Last Man in Europe”? Would the New York Yankees have become baseball’s greatest juggernaut under their first name after moving to New York, the Highlanders? Can you possibly picture Scarlett O’Hara of “Gone With the Wind” named Pansy instead?

24/7 Tempo has assembled a list of famous things that were titled something else before gaining immortality under a different name. We used online sources pertaining to music, politics, sports, products, companies, films, and books to create the list.

We live in an incredibly technologically advanced time. Everything you can think of is a quick Google search away. While most of what we use today has been developed in the last century, many products we use today have a much longer history. Here are 20 ancient inventions we still use today.

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