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America’s 25 Best Steakhouses, According to Yelp

Source: Photo by Jeff L. via Yelp

15. Bos Taurus
> City: Bend, Oregon

You’ll know this restaurant is all about beef if you know that Bos taurus is the scientific name for cattle. Steaks include assorted cuts from ranches in Arizona and California and from the Chicago stockyards, as well as wagyu beef from both Australia and Japan. Prices range from $32 for a 5-ounce filet mignon to $210 for a 54-ounce tomahawk for two (there’s also top-quality Kyoto A5 wagyu for $39 an ounce, with a 2-ounce minimum.)

Source: Photo by Mindy W. via Yelp

14. Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill
> City: Dallas, Texas

“This was probably one of the top dining experiences I’ve ever had!” enthuses a recent visitor to Kenny’s on Yelp. ” I got the NY strip with lobster butter on top and it was absolute perfection.” A ribeye and a filet mignon are also offered, and the steak sandwich (sliced tenderloin with brie and sautéed onions) gets high marks.

Source: Photo by Geselle R. via Yelp

13. 8oz Korean Steak House & Bar
> City: Las Vegas, Nevada

This friendly restaurant specializes in Korean barbecue — which means meats like ribeye, skirt steak, brisket, and marinated short rib cooked on grills inset into the tables and served with an array of side dishes. “Great meat quality,” “incredibly impressive,” and “very good and flavorful” are among the comments on Yelp.

Source: Photo by Mario B. via Yelp

12. Summer House Steak & Seafood
> City: Siesta Key, Florida

“An elegant relaxed transitional steak house with a seafood attitude,” brags this establishment near Sarasota. Steaks are Midwestern Certified Angus beef, aged in-house for 35 to 40 days. Options include an 8-ounce American wagyu top sirloin, an 18-ounce prime bone-in ribeye, and a filet mignon bordelaise with Boursin mashed potatoes. Wagyu also shows up in the form of wagyu beef fat fries and wagyu bruschetta with roasted mushrooms.

Source: Photo by Denysis R. via Yelp

11. Fierro Argentine Grill
> City: Miami, Florida

The cuts of steak here include entrana (skirt steak), vacio (flap steak), and picanha (top sirloin). All three are also included in a combination plate along with grilled beef rib strips, chorizo, blood sausage, and chicken. Burgers and steak sandwiches are available as well.