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What You Should Never Do When It's Hot Outside

Source: CASEZY / Getty Images

11. Leave plastic bottles in the car

Plastic bottles are a fire hazard, if sunlight hits at the right angle. But this is not the only potential problem with plastic bottles left in a heated car. Chemicals in the plastic can leach into the liquid in the bottles. BPA levels in plastic bottles are deemed safe by the Food and Drug Administration, but these levels increase because of the heat. Another substance, antimony, listed as a toxic substance by the CDC, can increase over a period of time when plastic bottles are left in heat, a 2014 University of Florida study found. Studies have reached different conclusions about the carcinogenic effect of BPA, with some saying it may affect hormone levels. You may choose to be on the safe side and on the environmental side — here are 19 genius inventions that can stop us from using so much plastic.