Special Report

Surprising Products Still Made in America

In his first week in office, President Joe Biden signed an executive order ensuring that the U.S. government buys products that were made in America by American workers. Numerous surveys have shown that U.S. consumers prefer American goods, and are willing to pay more to get them — yet consumer goods are more and more frequently being made overseas. 

Following its peak in 1969, U.S. manufacturing has lost over 7.5 million jobs, with the largest decline coming in the years since 2000. Many areas of the country, largely in the Midwest — a region known collectively as the Rust Belt — depending on manufacturing for their financial health and have struggled as these jobs have gone overseas. 

Still, there are dozens of popular goods still made in America. To find some of the most prominent of these, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed company sites and industry publications to determine which ones are still manufactured domestically.

A few of the products on this list are uniquely American — made specifically for American consumers. Take the football, for example. Football has been one of the most popular American pastimes for over a century, and it is far more popular here than anywhere else. Wilson makes every ball used in professional and college football at their factory in Ada, Ohio. Other products, like grills, guitars, and trailers may be popular in other countries, but have a distinctly American feel to them. (These are the top-selling products from every state.)

A number of other products on this list are probably made here in part because they are only popular in the U.S. These include foods and drinks that are uniquely suited to American tastes, as well as other products that rely on natural resources found only in the U.S. These are 17 popular products you can’t find outside of America.

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