Special Report

Healthy Alternatives to Popular Barbecue Foods

Summer will be over soon and with it most likely the barbecue season. By now, many people may be tired of the traditional hamburgers and hot dogs that are barbecue staples. Instead, you can opt for healthier alternatives that will add different tastes and nutrients to the meal.

To compile a list of 20 healthy alternatives to some popular barbecue foods, 24/7 Tempo reviewed a variety of online sources, including information from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, food and nutrition databases such as MyFitnessPal, and popular recipe websites like The Food Network

Healthier barbecue alternatives may be summarized in several tips: choosing lean meats, adding color to one’s plate in the form of vegetables, pairing a meat with a light side dish, and substituting traditional desserts such as pies with grilled fruits. 

Grilling is a very simple method of cooking, but as with so many simple things, it takes experience to get right. Culinary professionals can help teach or remind all of us l of the basics. Here are tips for the PERFECT barbecue from the experts.

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